Thursday, October 18, 2007

NEW SPOOK-Tacular Photos

We've just uploaded a bunch of new photos from the SPOOK-Tacular, the 2007 Pet Rescue Dinner. These are photos by Keyrana, Johnny and Heiro.

To see Keyrana's Photos, click here. (173 photos)

To see Johnny's Photos, click here. (123 photos)

To see Heiro's Photos, click here. (19 photos)

John's 63 photos, that were uploaded immediately after the dinner, are still available. See the next message to see his photos.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

The SPOOK-Tacular (Photos)

What a GREAT dinner, event, gala, and stage show from Zella Lehr, Phil Cristian, the Amazing Robere, and the ZMC Dancers! The Pet Rescue SPOOK-Tacular was a tremendous success and thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

SPOOK-Tacular Gallery by John
Click to see the photo gallery
To see all 63 preliminary images of the evening's activities, click here, or on the picture above. There were four photographers working the event, so there will be a LOT more photos in a few days. Be sure to check back often to see them!

If you were at the event, you may actually see yourself in the photos. Once at the photo gallery, you can download the images or even order prints. If you like the photos and download or print them, why not show your appreciation for the great pro bono photographers by making a donation to Pet Rescue? What a terrific idea! Just click the "Make A Donation" button at the top-right of this page, below the Pet Rescue logo, or any donation button on the main website. Remember, donations are tax deductible and really, really, really help the animals in our care.

Were you at the SPOOK-Tacular? Share your thoughts with everyone else. Click the "Comment" link below to post a comment about what you thought of the event, or to read other's comments.