Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pet Rescue Has Lost a Friend

It is with deep sadness that I let you know of the death of our friend, John Lovell. John initially designed Pet Rescue's website back in 1998 and got us up and running so we could showcase our beloved residents for the world to see and adopt into new homes. The website has been a wonderful marketing tool for Pet Rescue and John had the foresight back in a time when few others did to get our "pets" out there to be seen in a new way.

Recently, John re-mastered the website with a new vision and adding features we never had before attracting more viewers and making navigation much easier. As the person that has updated the website for over 6 years, I was a bit scared that he would make it impossible for me to make changes or add new photos. John, with his kind heart assured me he would make it "Lynn-friendly" and I would have no problem updating the site. He guided me through the procedures for adding to the redesigned pages and within no time, I was able to do it.

John did all his work for Pet Rescue without a fee. He had always loved animals and was more than happy to help us.

Some of you may have read John's letter on our blog about his beloved dog, Kirby, who died last year. On Monday, March 17th, they have been reunited. John left one dog behind here, but Mike will soon be in a new loving home.

Pet Rescue and I will miss John.