Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Me And The Monochrome Boys

Who's The Guy Making The Blog?

Hello, I'm John and I'm setting up the blog. Years ago I wrote the original website for Pet Rescue. Technology moves ahead and here comes the blog.

I'm a former Dade Marine Institute instructor, Arvida construction supervisor and Dade County School teacher (Adult Ed. for Radio Broadcasting at Miami Lakes Tech.Ed. Center). Also a former D.J. and newscaster at a couple of local Miami radio stations. Now a days, I play on the computer.

Then there are the monochrome boys. Mike and Kirby. Kirby is the old guy, at right. He's a Border Collie and will be 13-years old in December. Starting to feel his age a bit - damn arthritis!

Mike is younger, at left, and only 8years-old. I thought he was a Border Collie when I found him at Broward Humane when he was 10-weeks old. Not a chance. He is a Terrier through and through. When I leave the house, Kirby wants to re-wire the electrical system. Mike just runs round and round trying to hand him tools, feverishy repeating, "let me help, let me help," or so it goes in my imagination. BCs are BCs, and terriers are terriers.

At ten-weeks old, they did look remarkably alike. That's mike on the right and Kirby below on the left, both at 10-weeks of age. They certainly aren't that size any more. Kirby is just shy of 70-pounds. Mike weighs in at about 30-pounds.

From the pictures, you should get an idea why they are called the Monochrome Boys. Black and white is all there is with these guys, except for their red collars. When I see friends, however, they simply ask, "How are the boys?" The answer, of course, is that the boys are all right. Absolutely.

Anyway, I've been working on getting the blog running for about two weeks. The tweaking and twisting goes on to make it just right, to add functionality and make sure that the information is worth your time to come, visit and read. Enjoy the blog.


Ian said...

Did you name your dogs after the Space Quest characters? If so, awesome. We have a song coming out some time in the next 5 years about the Monochrome Boys, too. It's really swell.

Ian / MDR

LJL Web Design said...

Sorry, Ian, the names have nothing to do with Space Quest. Both were named prior to the movie being released. Kirby was named after both a town in Northern England and the John Wayne character from the movie Rio Bravo, Kirby York. Mike was rescued from Puerto Rico and brought to the U.S. by the Broward (FL.) Humane and had the temporary name of Miguel, hence, he became "Mike" when an anglo like me adopted him.