Friday, February 23, 2007

We Need Your Help!

Vet Bills Are High - Make A Contribution

Our vet bills and costs for medications are extremely high. We have dogs currently receiving heart worm treatments, a cat receiving daily insulin shots, etc. It costs us $400 a month just to Frontline our dogs. Please help us heal these animals so they may be adopted to loving homes. Please click on the donation button to help us.

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You can also donate items on our wish list to the shelter:
(new or used)

Blankets, towels, sheets, washcloths, comforters, sleeping bags
Pet shampoo
Brushes, flea combs, nail clippers, scissors, tweezers
Cat litter pooper scoopers, litter boxes
Dog pooper scoopers
Cat and Dog toys, Tennis balls
Chewy dog treats, rawhides, pig ears
Alcohol, mineral oil, Vaseline, cotton balls, q-tips
Any cleaning supplies
Mops, brooms, sponges, dust pans, scrub brushes
Animal carriers - all sizes for cats and dogs
2-3 gallon buckets (plastic)
Plastic garbage bags (all sizes)
Picnic tables for the yards (the dogs love to jump on them!)
Plastic chairs for the volunteers and the dogs and cats
Water hoses
10 Qt. aluminum water pails
Stainless steel food bowls (all sizes - used for dogs and cats)
Dog collars and leashes
Can openers