Thursday, August 9, 2007

2007 Pet Travel Stats

Check out the pet travel statistics for 2007 from, a leading pet friendly hotel and lodging directory that continuously polls thousands of its Web site visitors, newsletter subscribers, and random households regarding their travel and purchase habits. All who participate in the surveys own at least one pet. Portions of the 2007 year to date results are as follows:

  • 77% frequently take their pets with them when leaving town.
  • 38.5% say it is “difficult” to find pet friendly lodging.
  • 79% stay at designated pet-friendly hotels or lodging each year.
  • 16% stay at designated pet-friendly 6 or more times each year.
  • 63% would be more likely to lengthen their stay if given the opportunity to travel with their pets.
  • 84.6% travel with dogs.
  • 6.3% travel with cats.
  • 33% travel with dogs over 50 pounds.
  • 36% say it is ‘difficult to find pet-friendly lodging’ for their pets over 20 pounds.
  • 10.3% complain that most pet friendly places they find also allow smoking.

For more information on pet travel, visit the website.