Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Broward Bark Parks

For an update on the state of parks and playgrounds in Broward County, with a nice emphasis on Bark Parks, read the article on by Natalie P. McNeal, "Parks Go Designer Chic".
If you've not been to a bark park, it may very well be worth your time and energy. However, a first visit may be best accomplished without your dog. Visit the park and have a look around. Get the lay of the land, find out the rules, get an idea of the local etiquette, see if the park supplies bags for the clean-up of doggie droppings or if you need to bring your own, is water available or should you bring your own (along with a bowl). Once you understand the park's workings, load up the pups and go back. It could be very good for your dog's mental and physical health. And if your dog is very active, a trip to the park will expend a lot of energy, give a lot of exercise and probably wear them out from all the fun. But, if your dog is not normally active, increase their activity time in stages so they won't get sore and achy.
Bark Parks can be a howling good time for you and your dog.