Friday, April 27, 2007

Japanese Poodle Is Sheepish

Japanese Dog Lovers Getting "Fleeced"?

Editors Note: This story is probably a hoax. We can't find anything like it in the English language Japanese press, so take it with a grain of salt and for enjoyment purposes only.

Me? I'm a poodle!"The Skinny" column in the St. Petersburg Times reveals that it may not be a good idea to "go poodle shopping in Japan." They say that the Sun newspaper reported a big scam is going on there. Apparently, people shopping for the fuzzy pooches, which are very expensive in Japan, are being tricked. They buy an animal they think is a poodle, but isn't. They are actually getting (ready for it?) sheep. According to authorities, there aren't many sheep in Japan, so people don't know what they look like. It appears they don't know what poodles look like, either.
One couple found they were swindled after taking their pet to get its claws trimmed. That's when they were told it had hooves. The sheep sold for about $1,600. Poodles can fetch twice that much. Maybe all poodle/sheep vendors in Japan should be required to wear this tee shirt. Then again, it may be hard to translate, especially if they aren't familiar with sheep. The original intent of the shirt is strange enough.

If you think sheep are funny, have a look at the "Braveheart Sheep" video from the website, created by the California Milk Advisory Board. There is a very cute Border Collie in it too. (WMV format)