Sunday, April 1, 2007

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Comments Can Be Left Regarding Blog Articles

If you have read one of our articles and wanted everyone else who visits our blog to be able to know what you think about it, you've just gotten your wish! Comments can now be posted and you can read comments that have been posted to an article by clicking the "comment" link at the bottom of any article. Of course, if the link shows "O comments," there are no comments attached to that article.
At present we are allowing anyone who wants to post a comment to do so without restriction. If everyone uses a bit if discretion, we'll continue with this policy. If not, we will impose restrictions in stages up to the point that you would need to be a registered member of the blog and, even then, comments will only appear after they have been approved by a blog administrator.
Since the blog is available to everyone, including children, please post comments accordingly. If you disagree with a post, feel free to say so in a civil manner - no flames or trolling, please. Be nice.
To leave a comment, click the "comment" link at the bottom of the post to which you wish to comment. You'll be taken to a new page so you can see any other comments before posting your own. Enter your comments in the form provided, select how you wish to be known by anyone who reads it, and click the "Publish" button.
Have a blast! We look forward to hearing from you.


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