Monday, April 30, 2007

Turtle Season — Lights Check

Just a reminder...

Go to the FWC Turtle PageSea turtle nesting season starts tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1st and runs through the end of October. Turn out, shield or move any lights that can be seen from the beach.
Female turtles get disoriented by visible lights when trying to nest. The hatchlings, which emerge in late June, also get confused by the lights as they try to find the ocean.
Broward and Monroe Counties have their own ordinances. Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe County municipalities with their own sea turtle local ordinances or regulations include Deerfield Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lauderdale By The Sea, Pompano Beach, Golden Beach, Miami Beach, Key West, Marathon and Islamorada. If you live in one of the listed areas, it might be worth checking on the laws specific to your location.
You can also check here, on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) website, to get the ordinance information and then check to see if the county or municipal code is available online, or click the county or municipality links above for the relevant webpage, where available.
If you find a dead, sick, or injured sea turtle in the state of Florida, either stranded on a beach or floating in the water, you should never attempt to handle it. Instead, notify the Florida Marine Patrol at 1-800-DIAL-FMP or contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's turtle stranding staff by pager at 1-800-241-4653 then enter the identification number 274-4867, according to Special Agent John Barylsky of NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement.
For more information, check the FWC's Turtle page. The Broward County sea turtle hotline number is 954-328-0580.

1. Kemp's Ridley 2. Hawksbill 3. Loggerhead 4. Green 5. Leatherback

Doggie Mood "Ring" Paw Patch

Don't expect to see it in pet stores in the U.S. anytime soon, but in Japan it may be the next pet rock. Dogs are very expensive in Japan and their owners are extravagant in their purchases the for pets' well-being, including taking cats and dogs to specialist masseurs and even acupuncturists. Now, if they are concerned about their pet's stress levels, they just need to stick a special patch on the bottom of its paw to tell.
The patch, developed by Japanese company Medical Life Care Giken, purports to measure the stress level of dogs and cats by detecting excessive sweat secretion, believed to be a sign of stress, the Nikkei Weekly reported Sunday. The round, pin-sized patch is applied to the center pad of the animal's paw and changes color depending on how sweaty the pet is, the Nikkei said.
The company expects strong sales amid a pet boom in Japan, the Nikkei said. The patches are expected to go on sale in Japan later this year, with the price still undecided, it said. It did not mention plans for overseas sales.
The craze for dogs in Japan does lead to the possibility of scams, as reported in the article: Japanese Poodle is Sheepish.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Puppy Thrown From Moving Car

Click to go to the CBS-4 storySouth Florida's CBS-4 is reporting that police are searching for the people responsible for throwing an 8-month-old west highland terrier from a car moving at least 40-mph. The puppy was bruised and battered but survived with minor injuries. The incident occurred earlier this week along Country Line Road (SR-852) near Calder Race Track. That would be in North Miami-Dade County just east of 215th Street and N.W. 27th Avenue. According to a witness, the car is a gray, four door, and the suspects took the license tag out of the back window and sped off. That strongly suggests they knew they had done something terribly wrong and wanted to avoid identification

The puppy, dubbed Oscar, will be placed up for adoption by Blair Animal Hospital in Hollywood, 954-983-2000.

If you have information on the people responsible for throwing Oscar from the car, contact Broward Crimestoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477) so these bas#$@ds can do their little dance in hell.

The entire story, including video, can be found here, on CBS-4's site. Photo is copyright CBS and we have requested permission to reproduce it here.

Iditarod Abuse Allegations

I have a Border Collie, arguably a working dog, at least in breed type. He is a pet to me and we have no sheep to herd, so I view him differently than a highland shepard might view his dogs. Given all that, when Iditarod participants point at a fellow musher and allege animal abuse to race organizers, you have to pay attention.

Two-time runner up Ramy Brooks, 38, was disqualified from the 1,100-mile race after witnesses said they saw him punch and kick some of his dogs and hit them with a ski pole when they refused to leave a checkpoint during a March 13th stage in Golovin, less than 100 miles from the finish in Nome. Brooks has admitted to "spanking" his dogs with a wooden trail marker. One of the dogs died the day after the incident. A necropsy could not determine why the dog died, and race officials said there was no evidence that Brooks was to blame.

Shane Goosen, who has taken part in the Iditarod three times, said race officials should have moved more quickly. "It took three days to disqualify this guy," he said. "There went the credibility of the Iditarod right there - it's gone." Goosen told the board that during the Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race in January five people said they saw Brooks kick, hit and drag his dogs. He said he supported the decision to disqualify Brooks from this year's Iditarod race. "There is no doubt in my mind that he beat his dogs," he said.

Musher Perry Solmonson choked back tears as he addressed the board. Three times he dropped out of the Iditarod out of concern for his team, he said. "It is just a sad situation," Solmonson said. "I hope as a board you will have some integrity and do what is necessary for the dogs."

I hope so too.

Take Pet Out To The Ballgame

Looking for something different to do with your pets? How about a game of ball -- make that a baseball game.

A traveling baseball festival that will visit more than 50 minor league parks begins its journey today at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter. Sunday the fan festival will be open from 10 am to 1 pm, with the Palm Beach Cardinals hosting the Cubs at 1:05 pm. The event features about 20 attractions, including pitching cages with radar guns, an Xbox 360 home run derby video game trailer, stealing home bungee runs and bounce houses.

Today is also the start of the Dog Days of Summer promotion, where fans can bring a dog to watch the game. Tickets are $7.99 plus tax for pet owners, who also need a $5 Peggy Pass that is good for all five Dog Days dates.

So grab a pocketfull of plastic grocery bags and get out there. Here is a map to the Stadium, at 4751 Main Street, Jupiter, Florida, or phone (561) 775-1818.

Second Chance for Dog Lovers

Dogs That Changed The World   To Air on WLRN Channel 17

If you're a dog lover and you missed the first part of this wonderful PBS documentary when it aired on South Florida's WPBT, Channel 2, and WXEL, Channel 42, you get a second chance. This is a "Mark Your Calendar" television show.

Part 1 will air on WLRN, Channel 17 on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007, at 7:00 pm. The second part will probably air on WLRN on Thursday, May 10th, at 7:00 pm, and they may rebroadcast part 1 on Saturday, May 5th, at 6:30 pm, and on Monday, May 7th, at 8:00 pm. It's just speculation about part 2 and the rebroadcasts since WLRN apparently hasn't updated their schedule to tell which "Nature" episodes they will broadcast.

Part 1 aired on WXEL-42 and WPBT-2 on April 22nd. The second part will air at 8:00 pm, on both WXEL and WPBT, tomorrow evening, Sunday, April 29th.

The show is stunningly photographed and covers the globe. If you miss it, you'll kick yourself when you hear your friends talking about it.

For more information from the PBS website, visit Nature's Dogs That Changed The World page.

Want more? The producers of NATURE created a podcast discussing the challenges of filming dogs in remote locations around the world, including sled dogs in the Arctic, singing dogs in Papua New Guinea and sheepdogs in the Scottish fells. Click here to watch the podcast.

Pet Rescue's Site - Then & Now

Ever wonder how a website looked when it first started? Or how it changed from then to now? The original Pet Rescue website opened in September 1998. Over the years it has undergone a number of changes and morphed through various incarnations. As it was just redesigned completely, we went back to see how it looked originally. If you would like to see it, as it was through the years, use the link below...

See what the Pet Rescue website USED to look like.

See the NEW Pet Rescue website.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Japanese Poodle Is Sheepish

Japanese Dog Lovers Getting "Fleeced"?

Editors Note: This story is probably a hoax. We can't find anything like it in the English language Japanese press, so take it with a grain of salt and for enjoyment purposes only.

Me? I'm a poodle!"The Skinny" column in the St. Petersburg Times reveals that it may not be a good idea to "go poodle shopping in Japan." They say that the Sun newspaper reported a big scam is going on there. Apparently, people shopping for the fuzzy pooches, which are very expensive in Japan, are being tricked. They buy an animal they think is a poodle, but isn't. They are actually getting (ready for it?) sheep. According to authorities, there aren't many sheep in Japan, so people don't know what they look like. It appears they don't know what poodles look like, either.
One couple found they were swindled after taking their pet to get its claws trimmed. That's when they were told it had hooves. The sheep sold for about $1,600. Poodles can fetch twice that much. Maybe all poodle/sheep vendors in Japan should be required to wear this tee shirt. Then again, it may be hard to translate, especially if they aren't familiar with sheep. The original intent of the shirt is strange enough.

If you think sheep are funny, have a look at the "Braveheart Sheep" video from the website, created by the California Milk Advisory Board. There is a very cute Border Collie in it too. (WMV format)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Drugs, Dogs and Michael Vick

Drug Probe Leads to Vick's Property

The Associated Press is reporting that police conducting a drug investigation raided a house owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and found dozens of dogs, some injured and emaciated. Police also found items associated with dog fighting.
State Police said Vick's relative, Davon Boddie, lives in the house. Vick owns the property, but doesn't live there and wasn't present when a search warrant was executed Wednesday night. Boddie was arrested April 20th on charges of distribution of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute. The search warrant was executed in a narcotics probe.
More than 60 dogs were found. Some appeared malnourished, scarred and injured, officials said. Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, said the group has "heard troubling reports for some time that Michael Vick has been involved in organized dog fighting, and we fear that this investigation may validate that very disturbing allegation."
"We urge law enforcement to aggressively investigate this matter, and we further believe that anyone who harbors dogs for the purpose of fighting, deserves to be fully prosecuted for their crimes," Pacelle said in a statement. "Dog fighting is a barbaric activity that causes immense animal suffering and fosters violence in our communities. Our nation should have a zero tolerance policy for any form of staged animal fighting." The Humane Society said dog fighting is illegal nationwide and a felony in 48 states, including Virginia.

Read the whole story on

Follow-up - 27 April 2007
Michael Vick blamed family members for taking advantage of his generosity after a police raid found evidence of dog fighting at property he owns in Virginia. Vick traveled to New York on Friday to take part in activities leading up to the NFL draft. Appearing at a news conference to announce his participation in the NFL Quarterback Challenge, Vick described himself as an unwitting victim of relatives living on his property in Smithfield, Va.
"I'm never at the house," Vick said, according to "I left the house with my family members and my cousin. They just haven't been doing the right thing."
"It's unfortunate I have to take the heat," he said. "If I'm not there, I don't know what's going on. It's a call for me to really tighten down on who I'm trying to take care of. When it all boils down, people will try to take advantage of you and leave you out to dry. Lesson learned for me."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dogs - Big, Small, Short and Tall has posted an article on the biggest, smallest, shortest and tallest dogs and are referencing a report in the journal Science, entitled A Single IGF1 Allele Is a Major Determinant of Small Size in Dogs. The report states that "he domestic dog exhibits greater diversity in body size than any other terrestrial vertebrate," and that they "used a strategy that exploits the breed structure of dogs to investigate the genetic basis of size."

Year of the Dog - Movie Reviews

Need a movie with a dog-related theme? Year of the Dog may be just what you're looking for. Check the reviews and see if this tale will make you wag.

Read reviews from:
Philadelphia Inquirer

This Tail Tells The Tale

CBS News is reporting that a new study by Italian researchers says, in part, that "a wagging tail doesn't always equal a happy dog." According to CBS, "they measured the angle of the wag and concluded if the tail favors the dog's left side, he's not so pleased about what he sees. On the right side, he's happy."
Maybe it has something to do with right-brain / left-brain stuff. In any event, you can read the article here.

Careful, It's Gator Mating Season

Do you live on a lake, next to a canal or walk near either? Best be extra careful and watchful. April through July is alligator mating and nesting season. During that time they are just a little bit more prone to being out of sorts and aggressive. That means that we need to pay more attention.
Catherine Madden has written an article in the Daytona Beach and is worth a read.

Read the article here.

Broward Bark Parks

For an update on the state of parks and playgrounds in Broward County, with a nice emphasis on Bark Parks, read the article on by Natalie P. McNeal, "Parks Go Designer Chic".
If you've not been to a bark park, it may very well be worth your time and energy. However, a first visit may be best accomplished without your dog. Visit the park and have a look around. Get the lay of the land, find out the rules, get an idea of the local etiquette, see if the park supplies bags for the clean-up of doggie droppings or if you need to bring your own, is water available or should you bring your own (along with a bowl). Once you understand the park's workings, load up the pups and go back. It could be very good for your dog's mental and physical health. And if your dog is very active, a trip to the park will expend a lot of energy, give a lot of exercise and probably wear them out from all the fun. But, if your dog is not normally active, increase their activity time in stages so they won't get sore and achy.
Bark Parks can be a howling good time for you and your dog.

Monday, April 23, 2007

HSUS's Top 100 Cruelty Cases

It's horrific reading by any standard. The Humane Society's Top 100 Cruelty Cases of 2006 are documented on their website. It's the first time the society has created such a list and was released in conjunction with Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Week.
You should start by reading the introduction and how the list was compiled. Be aware, that the disclaimers you see on TV about "the story or information may be graphic or disturbing to some people" definitely applies here. If you can stomach it, you can browse the entire list here, or just the Florida-specific cases here. Five of the cases listed are from Florida, one of them in South Florida's Palm Beach County, three in west central, and one in north Florida.
What would Mahatma Gandhi think in light of the list's posting. He was quoted as saying, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." On the one hand, the animals documented by the list recount their horrible treatment and are only a small part of the total cases of abuse nationwide. On the other, the people were charged with the cruelty in an effort to end such abuses.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pet Sales Rules Get Stricter

The Sun-Sentinel, in an article by Mc Nelly Torres, says that it will be harder for sick animals to be sold by pet stores. The Florida Department of Agriculture has agreed to develop new rules for veterinarian inspection of dogs and cats sold in Florida. Working in concert with animal advocates, the new rules will protect both consumers and animals. A legal petition was filed with the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings by the Humane Society a few weeks ago to require stringent guidelines for vets on the required health inspections for animals sold by pet stores in Florida.

Read the article here.

The NEW Pet Rescue Website

Click to visit the websiteWe've revamped the website! Don't be worried if the look of the Pet Rescue website has changed. The re-design was undertaken to make it easier for visitors to find the information they, or you, are looking for --- volunteering, donations, and so on, as well as to load a bit faster. Click the Pet Rescue logo at the top-right of any of the blog pages to get to the website.

There are enhanced maps of our location on the "Contact Us" page, and easy ways to get directions to the shelter. We've even got some free, fun online dog and cat games to play, plus loads of links. You've got to give it a look! Of course, the pictures of cats and dogs available for adoption are still there, as well as those of all the alumni dogs and cats that have found loving homes.

Please feel free to leave a comment here to let us know what you think of the new design. Your feedback is always important. To leave a comment, or see comments left by others, just click the "Comment(s)" link at the bottom of this posting. When the page changes, click the "Post A Comment" link to enter your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Causes of Morning Breath

Ever wonder where morning breath comes from? This picture may tell the tale (tail?) of one reason for it.

Then again, there may be some other ways as well. Cat Butt Gum is is a real product available at the Pulp Shop in the UK, along with the ever popular Dog Breath Gum. Must be something to do with that dry British humor.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Katrina Dolphins Give Birth

Two of the dolphins rescued from a Mississippi marine park that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina have given birth at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas. Some of the dolphins had been swept out to the Gulf of Mexico following the storm. The dolphins were moved to the Bahamas resort early last year.
Teri Corbett, vice president of marine mammal operations at the resort, said the dolphins were doing well after giving birth April 4 and April 6. "They are plumping up really nicely and both mothers and calves seem to be adjusting really well," Corbett said. With the new calves, Atlantis has 22 dolphins in seven interconnected pools comprising an 11-acre lagoon.

Turtle Tracking and Warnings

According to the Associated Press, 11 female leatherback turtles fitted with satellite tracking devices will start the "Great Turtle Race" to raise awareness of a species threatened with extinction. The race will track the turtles on their annual 1,200 mile journey from Costa Rica's Pacific coast to the Galapagos Islands. 90 percent of leatherbacks have vanished and the species may disappear due to poaching, pollution and development near their nesting grounds.
Internet users can log on to, read about the turtles and track them over the next two weeks as they migrate to the islands off the Ecuadorean coast. Most of the competing turtles are expected to be in the water by today after laying their eggs in Costa Rica.

WARNING #1: Sea turtles are laying eggs along the Florida coasts too, especially the Space Coast, so it's time to follow the rules to protect them. Don't disturb nesting turtles, hatchlings or turtle nests. Leave them alone for their own good and because it's illegal. Turn off beachside lights that can disorient them, especially the hatchlings who head to the water based on the moon's position.

WARNING #2: Since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, "TMNT" (Raising Shell in 2007), hit theatres last month, pet turtle sales have soared. The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents with young children in the house not to buy turtles. According to the FDA, a four-week-old baby in Central Florida died last month from a salmonella bacteria infection. Details on the case were not released, but apparently bacterial samples from the family's pet turtle matched those found on the infant.
The FDA says that salmonella builds up on turtle shells and sickens about 75,000 people a year. Hand washing is the best way to prevent spreading the bacteria and you are advised to wear gloves when handling turtles.

Dogs on TV in April

Judith S. Gillies of The Washington Post wrote an article, saying that "TV programming is going to the dogs this month." It's not the way it sounds. The article lists a number of dog (and wolf) shows airing in April that might be worth howling about.

We've added to the list and provided links to the shows and their networks. If you know of other shows of this ilk, leave a comment.

The line-up of upcoming dog shows on TV:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Buy Online - Help Us Out

Do you buy online? Maybe you buy books from or flea medication from 1-800-PetMeds? Have we got a deal for you!
If you could buy the things you want online, just as you normally would and at their regular price, but every time you did so the company made a donation to the shelter, would you do it? That's what we are working out.
At the bottom of the right hand column of the blog, and on the Donations Page of the website, is a list of companies with whom we have partnered. All you have to do is click the link here (or on our website) for the company you want to buy from. The link will take you to the online store of your choice, but will also let them know that they should make a donation to the shelter, a percentage of anything you buy through their site.
You buy the things you want at the regular price from the regular online store you would normally buy from and the shelter gets a donation. That's a win-win situation for everyone, especially the animals.
Remember, come here first and see if the company you want to buy from is listed as one of our partners. If it is, just click the link to their online site so they know who to whom they should give a donation. Simple. By the way, the more people who do this, the more donations are given to the shelter, so tell all your friends.

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's BRICK Time

Buy a Pet Rescue Brick to help pave the entryway to the shelter. The bricks can be engraved to memorialize or commemorate a pet, friend, family member, business or date of your choice. At only $50.00 a brick, you should buy two! Want more information? Of course you do! Check the Donations Page at our website.
Ready to order a brick? You can get an application form here, and remember that your donation is fully tax deductible.

Therapy Dogs Make A Difference

If you've ever wondered if therapy animals really do make a difference, this is the article you need to read. It is "Therapy dogs have remarkable effect on patients," by Alexandra Lundahl, for the Villages Daily Sun.
If you are in the South Florida area and would like to get involved in therapy dog work, visit the TherapyDogs_Florida mailing list site, or the Therapy Dogs, Inc. website.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Manatee Federal Status Change?

Despite a rash of recent manatee deaths in Lee County, the Associated Press is reporting that the marine mammal's federal status as an "endangered" species may change. It is a situation that may anger those, like myself, with our "Save The Manatee" Florida license plates displayed on the backs of our cars, however, there is no real reason to worry. The change would move the manatee to the status of "threatened," which, in reality, has no significance, since the same state and federal protections would remain in effect.
Regardless, it has been a bad year so far, and 2006 was the worst on record. In March, 26 manatees died in Lee County, the suspected result of toxins from a bloom of red tide. 72 sea cows have died in Florida as of March 23rd. Last year, 417 manatee deaths were reported.

You can read the whole story here.

Best Pet Products For 2007

Best Products Media Guide lists items that they think are The Best. Their list of the best pet products in available online. You might want to have a look to see if you agree with them, could use any of the items they think are so good, or possibly find that purrrfect gift for the pet in your life.

The 2007 Best Pet Products List is here.

Homemade Pet Food Problems

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that "interest in homemade pet food has skyrocketed since last month, when the Food and Drug Administration first flagged foods thought to contain wheat gluten tainted with the industrial chemical melamine." According to reporter Diane C. Lade, the problem is that homemade pet food may not have the necessary nutritional balance needed to maintain a pet completely.

Read the whole story at the Sun-Sentinel here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pet Rescue Message Forum

Lost and Found, Shelter Pets Available for Adoption
and General Messages
Online communications have expanded quite a bit. Message boards, or Forums, are one of the options available and Pet Rescue now has such a forum.
The Pet Rescue Forum is now available. We have set up several categories, including the Lost and Found section, as well as a section on our Rescues, pets that are currently at our shelter and are available for adoption. We also have a General message board for general conversations, as well as for a place to get general feedback on our website, blog and, yes, even the message board.

Have a look at the message board, here

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Adopt A Cat or Dog

Pet Rescue has a number of adoptable cats and dogs at our shelter that could really use a wonderful home, just like yours! Have a look at some of the pets in our care and see if one touches your heart. If not, call us at 305-621-8354 and arrange a time to visit the shelter to see the other pups and kitties that want to go home with you.