Sunday, June 3, 2007

Creature Comforts

Animated comedy debuts Monday [4 June 2007] at 8:00 PM on CBS.

Creature ComfortsPorcupines talk about the fear of needles. A police dog explains how to spot a liar. A female bird rattles off her health problems. A fish talks about an unusual condition: "Dry skin. Can you believe it?" Creature Comforts excels at gallows humor. Lobsters in a boiling pot are interviewed. A snake is asked about the worst thing it has ever done -- and it's clear the reptile has been dining on something it shouldn't have. Just as in daytime TV, sex is a vital topic in the animal kingdom. Chickens and horses talk about attraction. Birds and bees expound on the "birds and bees," ie. the facts of life.

If you ever saw the Chevron commercials with the animated talking cars, you know the people behind this show. From the creators of "Wallace and Grommit," Aardman Animations, Ltd., this adaptation of a British hit has no plot. Rather, the program takes interviews with everyday people and lets those words come out of the mouths of animated animals. The show unfolds like a series of fast-paced sketches.

This is a must see if you like animals, Wallace and Grommit, or any of the other Aardman animations that have been available for download on the Internet for years. I know where I will be at eight on Monday night.