Friday, June 1, 2007

Test Buyer IQ Before Selling Dog

In The Category: Where Do They Find These People?!?!

Late Thursday [31 May 2007] a report came to Lee County, Florida, Animal Control about a dog biting someone. An Animal Control officer went out to the home in Bonita Springs. After the owner laughed and told the dog to attack the officer, backup was called in the form of sheriff's deputies.

According to police reports, when the deputies arrived, they knocked on the door and also called the homeowner on the phone. Police say the owner laughed again and tried to excite the dog with respect to the people outside.

After multiple attempts to talk to the homeowner, the door eventually swung open and the dog reportedly bounded out, charging at the officer and deputies. One of the deputies shot the dog as it ran toward him, killing the animal.

The 34-year old owner was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. When asked why he acted as he had, he reportedly told the deputies that he didn't realize it was a sheriff's officer at the door.

Editor's Note: The report did not indicate the breed of the dog or the IQ of its owner, or if the owner was under the influence. Hopefully, they will add a charge of cruelty to animals for inciting the animal to the point where it was killed. According to the title of an animated movie, "All Dogs Go To Heaven," but owners like that need to go and do a little dance in hell.