Friday, June 1, 2007

Hurricane Season 2007

O.K., you've heard it all before. Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, ya da ya da ya da... and it goes on. You're probably tired of hearing it or regard it as hype. No problem.

On the other hand, you've got pets. What about them?

Are they ID microchipped? Are they tattooed? Is the information up to date? In other words, if your pet becomes lost and is later found, will they be able to find you to get your pet back home? If you bought a dog or cat that was already microchipped, the chip company may have no information about you at all. If your vet chipped your pet, the information is probably correct and up to date, unless you've moved or changed your phone number (hint, hint).

If your pet has an Avid chip go to for information or call PETtrac directly at 800-336-2843. For a Home Again chip go to You can also visit or call 866-597-2424. Otherwise, check with your vet — soon.

What if the phone isn't working at your house after the storm? If the only number for you in your pet's information is your home phone, then what? Provide a phone number for a friend or family member that lives elsewhere, somewhere that would not be affected by a storm that affects your home. Be sure to tell them about it too or this can happen...

"Hi. Did you lose a dog?"
"No, not me."
"Oh, sorry, bye."

If there is a storm on the way, do you have enough water for you AND your pet? They say to have enough food and water to sustain yourself for at least THREE to SEVEN days. Unfortunately, dog and cat food will be low priority items in the wake of a major storm and its resulting damage. It is recommended that you have enough pet food on hand for at least TWO WEEKS. How about a first-aid kit? What will you do if Fluffy cuts her paw on that glass from the broken window? It will take more than a band-aid.

Regardless of your situation, if you live in the state of Florida, most batteries, flashlights, weather radios, tarps, tie downs and other hurricane-related supplies are available without having to pay sales tax through June 12th. NOW IS THE TIME to buy the things you and your pet may need during and after a storm.

Make a plan. Get prepared. Be safe. It is important for you and your animal family members.

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Nicole said...

Thanks for this information. Older dog is not microchipped. However, we just brought home our new puppy and having her chipped was part of our contract with her breeder. Thanks for saving me the time in research!