Friday, June 1, 2007

Dog Bolts, Owner Killed

This is such a sad situation. WSEH-TV Channel 2 in Orlando is reporting that a man and his dog were standing outside a fast-food place on Thursday night [31 May 2007]. Witnesses said the man was on a pay phone arguing with someone when the dog ran off. The man ran into the street after the dog and apparently tripped on his untied shoelaces. A driver struck and killed the man. Police say the driver will not be charged and there is no information about the fate of the dog.

If only the dog were on a leash. If only the dog were better trained. If only, if only, if only.

My dogs are pretty well trained. They regularly accompany me into the unfenced front yard sans leashes. They know the boundaries. Stay out of the neighbors' yards and never go into the street. I trust them around the house and when they are outdoors in the front yard, so am I.

Away from home, they are never allowed off-leash unless in a secure area, even in a friend's front yard. They get leashed in the car and then we exit to visit our friend. Despite my efforts at training, I'm not willing to risk an unforeseen desire on one of their parts to chase something at the worst possible moment.

That the man was willing to run into traffic to save his dog is either heroic or extremely foolish. That he was killed is tragic. That his shoelaces were untied at the time is proof that Murphy's Law is still in effect.

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