Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ukranian Crocodiles

Check Owner's IQ Story #2

The Associated Press is reporting that an animal trainer brought a crocodile to the beach in an effort to drum up interest in his circus, but got some unwelcome publicity instead when the animal broke free and swam off into the Azov Sea. The 3-foot croc, named Godzi, escaped near the city of Mariupol on Thursday, according to a spokesman for the regional branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry.

Ministry workers were searching for the crocodile and reported that it has been seen swimming in the sea, which lies north of the Black Sea between Ukraine and Russia. Officials issued a warning to area beachgoers, but Ukrainian media reported that many sunbathers and swimmers were undeterred and came to the shore anyway.

If the crock bites someone, then what? Mmm... tastes like Chicken Kiev?