Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Doggie Diet Pill reports that an Australian company has announced that phase one of testing is complete for a drug that will help your overweight dog loose pounds. Perth-based Stirling Products Ltd's developers put 15 beagles on the drug, and found that it help each of the pooches lose 3 percent of their weight a week.

The company plans to start the second phase of the tests soon, and, if all goes well, Stirling will seek approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The market for anti-obesity drugs for pets is estimated to be worth more than 200 million dollars in the US alone.

Editor's Note: Let's see, someone gets a dog, but they don't have time to exercise Fido. After work they go to the gym and use a treadmill. How about going home to Fido and taking the pooch for a walk. Maybe I just don't understand.

OK, I admit putting my dog on a diet. He (and I) slowed down with age, but I kept feeding him the same type and amount of food each day. Normally 70-lbs., he was near 80-lbs. Over a two week period we gradually switched to weight control formula food, then slowly decreased the amount by about 15 percent. Over about 6-months he lost the extra weight, so we switched back to his regular food at the smaller per serving amount. He's 12-years old, but he's slim, trim and still active, if a bit slower, like me.