Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gatorade for Dogs

$2.49 for a 16-ounce bottle. No kidding. The Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center and BioGalaxy Inc. recently released "Animactive." It's billed as a drink designed to rehydrate and rejuvenate the world's forgotten athletes - pets.

It will probably sell like hotcakes! Read all about it here.

Diet Drug for Dogs Released

Pfizer has made a new drug available to veterinarians that assists in dog weight control. It is called Slentrol. It works by making the dog feel full and by blocking fat absorption. Vets will decide the retail price of the drug, which is expected to be between $10 and $100 a month, depending on the size of the dog. Pfizer representatives said diarrhea and vomiting are side effects of the drug which can only be used for dogs. It can cause liver problems in cats and severe digestive issues for humans.