Thursday, May 17, 2007

Florida Animal Cruelty Briefs

Sheesh, I thought we were a civilized state. Here are some of the reports for the last week — ONE WEEK.

WARNING: Some of this is rather nasty. Don't read it if you're easily upset...

Have you heard about...

The 40-year old woman who, while walking her dog in Satellite Beach, allowed the pit bull to maul a German shepherd mix in the shepherd's own yard. There is a post below.

The Stuart resident who, while hunting birds, allegedly also shot a cat with his .22-calibre rifle.

The 20-year old Cape Coral man who shot and killed a protected burrowing owl with a paint-ball gun. The burrowing owl happens to be the official bird of Cape Coral.

A dozen dogs, including a number of puppies, were rescued in Bradford County from what investigators called the worst case of animal abuse they had ever seen. Some of the dogs were in the disabled car of a family who were fleeing the north Florida fires. People trying to help with the car found the dogs and reported the incident to police. Pictures of the dogs were not released as they were reportedly "too gruesome to show."

The three- to five-month old Palm Beach County pit bull puppy whose ears were cut with a razor or pair of scissors by someone who did not use any anesthesia but wanted to crop the dog's ears. At least they dumped the pup at a shelter so it could receive some medical care before they ran away.

On the other side of the docket...

A 16-year old Belle Glade teen was sentenced to 3-years in jail to be followed by 30-years probation for the vandalization of a neighbor's house, which included putting the victim's kitten in the oven and baking it alive.

A Naples man was sentenced to two concurrent terms of six months in jail for probation violation. The case against him for killing his girlfriend's kitten by throwing it against a wall was dropped due to lack of evidence when the girlfriend recanted her story.

A rehabilitated and happy Lazarus has a safe new home this week. He's the Pensacola area bullmastiff mix found buried alive in January, suffering from mange, torn knee ligaments and damaged teeth. He was adopted last Friday.

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Anonymous said...

All these people who abuse their animals and wild animals will get theirs one day. If you look up the facts, 75% of all abusive people and SERIAL KILLERS all had previous reports of animal abuse. Maybe you should reconsider who you hang around with. Think about it.