Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hernando Co. Rabies Alert

Two racoons have tested positive for rabies in separate incidents, according to the Hernando County Health Department. One raccon was in a fight with a dog, the other may have exposed a cat to the disease. Authorities are recommending that pet owners make sure their animals have current rabies vaccinations, that they do not allow their animals to run free, and to stay away from and not feed any wild or free roaming animals in the vicinity.

Hernando County is the second county north of Tampa on Florida's gulf coast, and contains the communities of Spring Hill and Brooksville. Tampa is in Hillsborough County. Pasco County is to the north of Hillsborough, and Hernando is north of Pasco.

This follows a distemper alert in Alachua County on May 5th, a rabies alert in Duval County on May 3rd, and a rabies alert in Miami-Dade County on May 1st.