Monday, May 14, 2007

Rx For A Squirrel Attack

Attack SquirrelThree people were attacked by a squirrel in a Port St. John pharmacy in Brevard County. The squirrel got into the CVS holding onto a customer's leg. Once inside the squirrel provided a prescrition for mayhem.

It began when a customer was walking into the store and the squirrel latched onto his ankle. He tried to shake it loose and it wouldn't let go. When another customer tried to help, the squirrel grabbed his leg. When a CVS employee stepped in, the squirrel attacked, scratching and biting her eight times.

Someone finally got a basket over it, but even after being caged, it did back flips and acted strangely. The squirrel's fate is, as yet, undetermined. Animal Control officers said squirrels are a low risk for rabies and that they often bite multiple times, particularly when scared, injured or sick.

WFTV-9 Orlando has the whole story here.