Thursday, May 17, 2007

What WAS She Thinking?!?!?

Satellite Beach P.D.: Owner Let Pit Bull Attack Another Dog

Satellite Beach is on the barrier island just northeast of Mebourne, Florida. The local police are looking for the dog owner who they say allowed her pit bull to maul another dog.

The dog owner, described as a woman in her 40s, was walking her pit bull on a leash Monday night when she approached the yard of another dog owner, police said. The tan, black-faced, pit bull became agitated. The owner dropped the dog's leash, allowing it to charge, attack and maul the German shepherd mix in the yard, according to police. The attacked dog had to be sedated and was taken to an emergency veterinarian's office.

Editor's Note: I just don't get it. How can someone who owns a dog knowingly allow any other dog to be injured. And to purposely do so by dog attack?!?! It is beyond my comprehension. Then again, I don't understand the concept of dogfighting or training a dog to be aggressive, save for police K-9 training or similar, well controlled programs. Hopefully the woman will be found and prosecuted. Unfortunately for her dog, it will probably be put down because of the owner's aggression/fight training or total lack of dog training at all. The owner will probably be given a light fine and suspended sentence, if any. I almost wish her aggressive dog turns on her. Maybe then she would have some empathy for the shepherd she allowed her dog to attack.