Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MySpace For Pets

PetsPlaces.com is an online social networking site for pet owners to can discuss their pets. In less than two months as a live site, it has experienced remarkable traffic, with approximately 2,800 pet loving members.

PetsPlaces.com allows registered members to connect to and build relationships with other pet lovers. Registration is free and members receive personalized profiles for their pets, a pet's buddy gallery, a pet's photo gallery, customized instant messenger to contact other registered members and a free personalized blog dedicated to their pet and family.

Robert W. Thayer, CEO of NetSky, the parent company of PetPlaces.com, said "The modern day pet owner treats their pet like a member of their family, and the site provides them with a place to talk and introduce themselves to fellow pet enthusiasts on the Internet." Thayer continues, "I believe that the next step in the evolution ... will be niche-oriented social networking sites that appeal to a specific subject or interest. www.PetsPlaces.com is one of these sites. We expect it to become one of the premier online sites for pet owners all over the world to swap photos, post videos and even chat with each other all in one place."

Editor's Note: It's hard enough for me to keep my Border Collie off the computer as it is. With PetPlaces.com he'll probably demand a high-speed connection. Sheesh!


petsplacesweb said...

My two puppies have a petsplaces page. Pretty nifty concept if you ask me.

loismclainiac said...

i just found petsplaces the other day and made a page for my bird!! now all i need to do is teach her to type and we'll be all set ;)